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Edgefest 2000 That's right! Armed with a camera I took some cool little shots of the very few cool bands that actaully played that hot day. Soon you'll be able to check out a small write-up and photos of great bands like 4 Star Movie and The Flashing Lights!

Old High Noon That's right! Soon you'll be able to check out past articles and photos from the two issues we've put out. Great bands and artists such as By Divine Right, DJ QBert, Dido, Tara MacLean, Flux AD, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Chore, and much much more!

New High Noon That's right! All the articles and interviews that have been compiled and shelved for whenever the next issue comes out. Bands like Tricky Woo, Amon Tobin, and The Gunga Din!

New Wax That's right! We have a load of new albums sitting on the shelves waiting for love. Even though some are mighty old, we feel we should give them a go. We'll dust them off and throw them on here as soon as possible!

You Are Visitor Number Since June 23rd 2000

Welcome to the unbelieveably crude website for High Noon Magazine. A lot of madness has happened over the past few months. The magazine was launched in December 1999 with By Divine Right as our first cover story. Many of you saw that issue floating around the Ontario region and I was thrilled by the response. Then we came out with our second and latest (hopefully not last) issue with DJ QBert gracing the cover. The response for High Noon nearly tripled. I mean, I was absolutlely blown away with some of the things people were saying.

But then I hit a few financial speed-bumps. It was never about anything else... It always came down to money. Regardless, High Noon is on hiatus. Sort of like Freaks and Geeks where something good is put to a halt because of financial reasons, or in their case, ratings.

So the status of the magazine is as follows: I don't know. I really couldn't say if there will be another one or not. At the moment, I've done enough interviews, reviewed enough albums, and had enough thoughts and ideas in my head to fill two issues. Now all I need to do is get enough money to print the thing. I'm not going to pretend that High Noon is some big-time magazine with loads of cred and money - it's just me and some friends trying to have some fun, you know?

So hopefully I'll get to do another issue. I want to more than anything. I'll try and add a few things here and there on this page, but I'm useless at web design, so don't laugh at me! But yeah, click around and send me an email. And before I forget, big thanks to everyone in High Noon past and present. The writers, friends, etc. You guys are the fucking best!

PO Box 1072
Barrie Ontario
L4M 5E1