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This page and other Scratching Post pages can be found at The Ultimate Band List...


This has absolutely nothing to do with Scratching Post, but I've never laughed so hard in my life.



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The Official Scratching Post Page
The brand new Scratching Post homepage! The official scoop on the band.

Seek And Destroy A Scratching Post Page
A very unofficial attempt at praising Canada's loudest metal band...Scratching Post.

A Rock Star's Guide To Scratching Post
Everything you wanted to know (and didn't want to know) about Scratching Post--direct from Nicole herself.

Scratching Post - Not Fake Metal!
A site that has pictures and an interview with Scratching Post.

One Fine Day
Scratching Post Media Empire! I have it all! Tonnes of pics, articles, interviews, etc.

A Scratching Post
Pics, profile, and Canadian.

Backstage: Upclose and Personal
Recent pictures of Scratching Post and more!

A Scratching Post Fan Page
Scratching Post, you jerk off!

The Australian Scratching Post Page
Small site because I have no real info on the band except that they rock and I wish they'd come down under.

Matthew Fabb's Scratching Post Fan Site
The site has a detailed News section, Tour Dates, Lyrics, Biography, Discography, The Hype page which is things you can do to promote Scratching Post so you can see and hear them more! Also all the sections are constantly updated every week!

Scratching Post For Everyone
American run Scratching Post fan page. Ever growing page. It includes lyrics, info, pictures, links, merchandise, concert dates, magazine articles, and more! Worth a look...

Scratching Post Fans
The site for and about Scratching Post fans.

Greg's Scratching Post Fan Site
My welfare page on one of the greatest bands in the world: Scratching Post! With pics, downloads, and other shiznit.

Scratching Post @ Toronto Street Festival
Scratching Post pics from the live show that they filmed their video at.