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Shadow: Hed Sessions

It seems like Shadow is always coming out with these compilations of material they've already released. They just keep coming out with one compilation after another. It's quite wack really, but this record is very good. It consists of only 10 tracks, with 2 from each artist. It's all deemed as down-tempo which suits me fine because that's the stuff I drool over these days. The best tracks are by Saru and Mujaji... I listen to this record about 4 times a day. I tend to run good stuff into the ground.


Last updated: April 7th 2001

Hello. This is Noel and I'm trying to make a little webpage about myself because I find that I get jealous when I see other people who have one. I have no idea why... Plus this saves me from having people ask, What do you look like? What kind of music do you listen to? Now if they so desire they can sniff around this page and learn more about me. Noel.

I have no idea when I'll find time to add to this page... Eventually I want to link my page to all my friend's pages and other cool things like Ninja Tune and Turntable Lab.

Oh... I'm addicted to ICQ, so if you want to look me up than try this one on for size: 58234103


To be honest, I don't really care for DMX at all, but when in Rome... He was walking along Yonge Street in Toronto late July 2000 and I had to ask for a photo opportunity, right? The dude he was with made me ask permission and all. Rap stars. He doesn't look so hard with that Slushie does he?


Let me tell you a little about myself then... My name is Noel and I was born on April 1st 1976 - that makes me 25 years old. That also makes me an Aries for all you people into that sort of stuff. I was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Jim Carrey was also born there... Probably the same hospital and all. I've lived most of my life in Barrie, Ontario which is exactly 92 km north of Toronto - one of the greatest cities in my books - Toronto that is. Not Barrie. Yuck.

My main passions these days are graphic design (although I'm totally useless at web design) and music. In fact, I have a healthy obsession with music - it's my life. It's such a huge part of me that I actually base people on the type of music they like. I could never date a girl that had awful taste in music. I know that sounds awful, but I just can't see myself sharing a bed with someone who owns a Bon Jovi record.

So what sort of music do I like? Well these days it's about 80% DJ or DJ-inspired bands and artists. I've been listening to hip-hop for about 14 years now and I have recently begun to love it again. Such groups as The Roots, Dilated Peoples and Jurassic 5 have played a vital role in my recent belief that hip-hop is surviving strong - you just have to look for it! I am obsolutely in love with Ninja Tune, a record label based in both Montreal and London that was started by Coldcut and sports exceptional bands such as The Herbaliser, Kid Koala, Amon Tobin, DJ Food, DJ Vadim, and of course Coldcut. In fact, I love Ninja so much that I'm going to be getting their logo tattooed on my right arm any day now. ;-) Plus, they're responsible for releasing one of the greatest songs of all time in my books: Get Your Head Down by Luke Vibert. That song... *sigh*

But I also like some rock bands as well. Stuff like By Divine Right, Hum, Chore, Nice Cat, Tuuli, Superchunk, Radiohead, and Mogwai. There are just so many CDs in my collection from all sorts of genres that I can't even begin to start. Last time I counted I think I had around 400 or so CDs, not to mention records as well. It's like some kind of addiction: buying records. The best place to buy records is Penguin Music just off Queen Street in Toronto. I use to pop in there after a day of shopping at places like HMV and Tower and would see the same albums I just bought for much cheaper! Plus the selection is unreal. The place is tiny but they have more Ninja Tune records than HMV, Sam's, and Tower put together. Plus I bought Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Kid Koala) on vinyl for only 15 bucks! What the fuck?

To be continued...


Late breaking news!! Check out my Jurassic 5 autographs!! Click here!

Wanna see some of my photos from the Vans Warped Tour? I missed Jurassic 5's set but I saw them backstage (1-2-3). Then I saw Esthero kicking around backstage as well. I got a picture of her with Chali 2na and Rachel Perry from MuchMusic. I was like, Can I get a picture? And she said, Only if Rachel is in it too (1-2-3-4). Then I took this one of Theo from Gob. Why they didn't run it on the front page of the newspaper I work for I'll never know (1).


There are some really great sites out there that I envy but frequent more often than others. I guess you could say that these are the sites that I have bookmarked on my computer (in no particular order)...

Turntable Lab -
This site is the shit. They have everything you can think of, like turntables and mixers, clothes, records, CDs, books and magazines, etc. Plus it's really well designed and easy to navigate. These guys are the greatest.

Ninja Tune -
A no-brainer. The greatest record company on the planet run by the greatest staff on the earth like Wendy in London and Phil in Montreal. One of the greatest rosters in music and they're constantly delivering the goods.

Exclaim! Magazine -
This is the magazine I work for. I used to read Exclaim! all the time and always thought, I wish I worked there! So you can imagine how I felt when I got the job! I do all the layout and design and a little writing on the side.

Kaliber 10000: The Designer's Lunchbox -
Bonnie Burton made me aware of this site. The best thing about it is the On Display section where you can design a desktop pattern, take a photo of your screen and submit it. Try looking up the name Noel and see what I've come up with.

Grrl -
My girl Bonnie Burton! Well, me and every guy in North America. Bonnie is the shit and this is her famous website. She coined the term 'grrl' long before anyone else. This site is great for both girls AND guys like me. She gives some great dating tips by the way.

April Fresh -
Former bass player for Tristan Psionic who know resides in The Big Apple. April is so talented in web-design, art, writing, and photography and she's younger than me! I'm so jealous.

Flux AD -
A great band from Ontario and even though I've not heard from her in awhile (probably because she's on tour) Julie MacDonald is truly wonderful. And we went to the same college, just in different years. *sigh*


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